Shipping & Returns

Disclaimer: Item Descriptions

We aim to provide accurate descriptions of all goods sold at Techinical Sports Corner. Some of our articles are used, pre-loved, vintage, or refurbished stock - unless otherwise described as brand new parts. Descriptions for all items will reflect this clearly. Due to the nature of the items, being road-used wheels and automotive parts, there will be scratches/nicks/scuffs expected. If any rims or wheels have gutter rashes, deep scratches, or bending, we will mention it. The photos are expected by our customers to be viewed properly before buying. We will not be held liable if the buyer is not satisfied yet however the item was clearly described.

Disclaimer: Item Usage

All of our aftermarket parts are designed to exceed the original manufacturer's specifications. All parts are designed for Off-Road use only!


All refund requests are subject to review. Refunds can be granted if item has not been posted. Refunds can be granted based on good reasons, see further below. Due to nature of most items like wheels & rims, shipping cannot be covered by Technical Sports Corner if a return is granted. It is expected for the customer to accept any refund shipping charges incurred. 

Valid reason must be given for review before refund is granted. Acceptable reasons are:
- The item is not as described or pictured
- The item sent was incorrect
Please contact us if you feel the need to request a refund, to which we will aim to resolve any problems.

We may not accept refunds based on simply changing your mind after shipment has been made.

In the case an item may be damaged on its postal journey, proper action will be sought to rectify via shipping insurance and related action to damages.


Techinical Sports Corner ship both Australia-wide, and internationally. All shipping quotes are to be confirmed upon final invoicing or as emailed by our staff in the case there has been a shipping error made. 


Please contact us for more shipping information & quotes.